Welcome to Ananda-Ahaar, Ananda-Bazaar and Ananda-Sringaar

South-East London / Kent's first ever AANANDAMELA is here!

The festive season is knocking at our doors! First there is Mahalaya, then Durga Puja, Navaratri, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, Deepavali to name just a few. 

Back in India, many Bengalis welcome this season with a proper day out into a funfair of festivities and food called Anandamela. This is Aantarik's effort to replicate this same cultural phenomenon right here in Orpington at your doorstep.

So, whether if you are a stall owner or business eager to display and sell your items at this Mela or just want to come and enjoy with family and friends to your heart's content, the Anandamela is the best thing in town this October. Mouth watering food ( and yes Bengali delicacies and sweets are in the menu too), amazing things to but that are hard to find elsewhere, and excellent entertainment for the kids are on offer at Anandamela. And ENTRY is FREE. So, come and make it a great day!


Anandamela turned out to be a very successful event with 500+ people in attendance. The feedback received after the event has been very positive and encouraging indeed.

Mr. Siddhant Singh Samanta won the Raffle with ticket number 23 and received a Masala Dabbas voucher


You can let us know if you are interested to put up a stall at the Anandamela. Also, if you just want to let us know in advance that you are coming as a visitor, then you may like to to join our meeting event on FaceBook. But if you have any query, just ask us and we are there to answer.