You are cordially invited!



Please come and celebrate India's Republic Day with a prayer this year. It is an opportunity to come and seek the Hindu Goddess Saraswati Maa’s blessings for true knowledge and the flowering of the art and beauty that resides in all of us. Do also partake in the Prasad Bhog and enjoy the Entertainment 

Especially visit if you have a child just about to start or has just started school - ‘Hathe Khari’ is an age old religious tradition performed in front of the Goddess to initiate the child into a life of education and art. 

This is the 6th year that Aantarik is conducting Saraswati Puja in Orpington.

Puja starts - 4 pm

Pushpanjali - 6 pm

Hathe Khari 6:15 pm

Culturals - 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Note: All our community events are free and expenses borne are recouped from voluntary donations only

Venue and Time

Orpington Village Hall

311, High Street Orpington


4 pm to 7:30 pm